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Sum Vivas introduces AI intergrated digital assistant to Liverpool ONE’s guest service team

Sum Vivas, a leading innovator in AI technology and digital human solutions, is thrilled to announce the integration of one of their AI-integrated digital humans to support the guest services team at Liverpool ONE.

This pioneering step marks a significant milestone in enhancing visitor experience at one of the UK’s premier retail and entertainment destinations.

Sum Vivas’s AI Digital Assistants are designed to be part of the wider team, providing seamless and efficient customer interactions.

‘Liv’ will be deployed at Liverpool ONE to support the newly launched guest services team to assist visitors with a wide range of enquiries.

From providing directions and store information to answering frequently asked questions, the AI Integrated Digital Assistant is poised to revolutionise the way customer service is delivered.

“We are absolutely delighted to partner with Liverpool ONE and add our AI Digital Assistant to their guest services team,” said Rob Sims, CEO of Sum Vivas. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Our AI Digital Assistant is equipped with sophisticated AI capabilities, ensuring that visitors receive timely and accurate information, thereby improving their overall experience at Liverpool ONE.”

Liverpool ONE is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and large selection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, attracting over 22m visitors annually. By integrating Sum Vivas’s AI Digital Assistants, Liverpool ONE aims to provide visitors with an innovative and interactive way to provide support.

Donna Howitt, Place Strategy Director at Liverpool ONE, said: “We are excited that Liv will be supporting our newly launched guest services team. This innovative service aligns with our mission to continuously improve visitor experience through innovation and exceptional customer service. We look forward to seeing the positive impact Liv will have on our visitors.”

Sum Vivas’s AI Digital Assistant, ‘Liv’ is engineered with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, enabling her to understand and respond to a wide range of queries in real-time. This deployment at Liverpool ONE will also gather valuable insights and collect data into visitor preferences and needs, allowing for continuous improvement in service delivery.

Rob Sims confirmed “As we embark on this exciting journey with Liverpool ONE, Sum Vivas reaffirms its dedication to transforming customer service through AI-driven solutions. We are confident that our AI Digital Assistants will set a new benchmark for customer interaction and satisfaction in retail and entertainment environments”.