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DT&G Ltd. was founded by Frank Finn and is a long-established engineering company within the confectionery sector. Based in Bromborough, Wirral, DT&G produce equipment for chocolate coating peanuts, raisins, malt balls, crispies and many more products using their Finn Chocolate Coaters and Polishers.

They have taken the very best of traditional engineering and research and developed a process to meet all the demands of hygiene, automatic processing, data recordings and delivered a solution to produce the very best chocolate products with the smallest amount of waste and highest quality sweets and inclusions.

DT&G Ltd have been exporting for over 60 years and do not focus on any one market area, in recent months for example equipment built in their Wirral headquarters has gone to Australia, Canada, Hungary, Japan and Argentina and they have a project going to Dubai, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Finn Chocolate Coater and Polisher Machine

Despite having a long and successful exporting history they still come up against barriers which is where specialist export support can help.

Managing Director, Lyn Pitt explains:

“My challenges are keeping up to date with exporting requirements, changing costs and giving the same standard of service and support to our customers.”

To help manage some of the challenges that they have faced, DT&G have accessed support from the local Chambers of Commerce. This has included attending trade missions and accessing support with contract negotiations and export requirements.

Lyn Pitt, Managing Director, DT&G Ltd.

Discussing this support, Lyn continues:

“If overseas customers are going to have the confidence to buy from you, the significance of connecting with the end users is very important. You will learn so much and be able to grow your brand by joining trade missions and attending exhibitions and seminars within your sector.”

Recalling a specific example with an Argentinian company, Lyn explains how this support was vital to negotiating a successful deal.

“With the support of our local Chamber and the British and Colombian Chamber, we were able to ask the right questions to really understand the local needs, negotiate the terms and fulfil the import requirements – which were challenging! I do not think we could have achieved the sale without this support. Things went so well that the company made a further order within two months.

“Not only were the Chambers really helpful but I also believe that international customers have greater confidence in any company when they are supported by an internationally recognised organisation.”

Looking to the future, export is firmly embedded in DT&G’s plans as Lyn explains:

“We want to continue to grow our exports in suitable markets, to expand our activity and our global presence. We believe that we can support the local economy and generate more jobs by having a strong international strategy.

“Not only is the aim to increase profitability but also to enjoy the wider benefits, for example seeing how successfully other economies are developing, and how the benefits of a global economy can bring about social change. We are fully committed to international trade and will continue to invest in this area.”

Chocolate coated confectionary from DT&G Ltd.

As a successful exporter Lyn is keen to share her story with other Liverpool City Region businesses who are looking to grow through international sales.

Lyn advises:

“Listen to people already involved in that sector and learn how to best approach potential customers. Mentors and guides will help enormously in propelling your business forward. I would recommend taking small steps while you learn about the opportunities and connect with the right people.“

Are you looking to start or grow your export activities?

Liverpool City Region businesses looking to start or expand their export journey can access fully funded support through our UKSPF funded export programme. Benefit from a free business diagnostic tool which will result in an export action plan, this will identify barriers, market opportunities, research needs and export funding requirements. Companies with funding requirements will be referred to the Business Growth Team for consideration for export grants that might be available up to January 2025.

Get in touch to find out more about the Liverpool City Region Export Programme