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Post-EU Transition Support Hub

Supporting your business’ new relationship with the EU

The UK started a new trading relationship with the EU at the beginning of 2021. If you’re trading with the EU, you must now ensure your business is compliant with new trading standards and regulations.

We know that navigating this new trading relationship isn’t easy.

Our Post-EU Transition Support Hub provides businesses like yours with the support it needs following the new EU trade rules.

We’re providing a single hub to access the key information you’ll need to get your business EU compliant, including practical guidance & tools.

You can also use the Government checker tool to get a personalised list of actions.

Things you need to know if you are…

There are new rules for importing and exporting goods between the UK and countries in the EU. If you’re a Liverpool City Business that trades with the EU, it’s important to understand how the new trade rules work and how they’ll affect your trading operations.

Whether you’re completing customs declarations or have an intermediary to do it for you, we are providing you with resources and tools for everything you need to know.

Key business resources:

Trading with the EU

  • EU trading information hub – Whether you import or export goods between the UK and EU, this Government information hub includes links to guidance, videos, webinars and a cross-border trade forum.
  • Guidance on importing and exporting – Information on what customs import declarations are; exporting; importing (Staged Controls); and trader responsibilities when using intermediary assistance.
  • EU transition webinars – Regularly updated with webinar events that provide useful information for both importers and exporters
    Moving goods into and out of Northern Ireland – Information for those businesses moving goods into, out of and through Northern Ireland. Provides dedicated sections on moving agri-food and drink, environmental and medical & healthcare goods.
  • Trading with the EU and Northern Ireland SME Toolkit – This document provides an overview of actions to take, outlines support, helplines and resources that may be useful for SMEs, as well as signposting to more detailed guidance on Government websites.


  • Step-by-step guide to exporting – Easy to use step-by-step guide which shows you the steps you’ll now need to take when moving from the UK to the EU, and other international destinations.
  • EORI number application – Information on obtaining an EORI number if your business is moving goods between the UK and EU (and other international destinations, or the UK and Northern Ireland). Also includes link to the EORI application service.


The freedom of movement between the UK and EU has now ended. The UK now has new rules around immigration. This will impact any business looking to source talent from the EU. Recruits from outside of the UK will need to meet certain requirements and apply for permission to enter the UK first (this currently excludes individuals coming into the UK from Ireland).

Key business resources:

Recruiting from the EU

  • Recruiting from outside of the UK – Information on recruiting from outside the UK. Includes guidance on recruiting skilled workers, arranging Intra-Company Transfers and applying for a sponsor licence.
  • Recruiting from the EU – Provides guidance for employers on employing EU, EEA and Swiss citizens in the UK, covering right to work checks, the EU Settlement Scheme and the UK’s new immigration system.
    Introduction to points-based immigration to the UK – UK Visas and Immigration guidance for employers on the UK points-based immigration system. Provides employers with a criteria of the points system and gives information to those with EU nationals currently in employment.
  • Recognition of EU professional qualifications in the UK – Guidance on getting EU professional qualifications recognised in the UK.

The UK’s new trade agreement with the EU will have implications for those businesses moving goods into, out of and through Northern Ireland.

Here is a list of resources, aimed at helping you better understand the requirements now placed on UK businesses.

Key business resources:

Moving goods between UK & NI

  • Trader Support Service – Aids for businesses in navigating the new rules and their impacts on business operations, the Government has set up the website.
  • Moving goods in Northern Ireland – Information for those businesses moving goods into, out of and through Northern Ireland. Provides specific information on moving agri-food and drink, environmental, and medical & healthcare goods.
  • Trading and moving goods in and out of Northern Ireland – Information on trading and moving goods in and out of Northern Ireland. A step-by-step guide of things to consider if you’re moving commercial goods; moving goods under transit; storing or handling goods in the country; or sending and receiving goods in parcels.

UK firms can continue to access the EU market, including as business travellers and cross-border services suppliers or investors, and will be treated no less favourably than either EU businesses or competitors from third countries.

While the Agreement sets out clear expectations of the treatment and level of access to each Party’s domestic market, there will still be some changes for businesses as a result of no longer operating under European Economic Area (EEA).

Key business resources:

Providing Services to EU Countries

  • Selling services to the EU – Information on trade regulations for service businesses operating in the UK. Includes sections on VAT on sales of digital services; establishing and structuring businesses; business travel requirements; and data transfer and GDPR requirements.
  • Providing services to EU and EFTA countries – A hub of resources for businesses who are already (or looking to) provide services to the EU. Includes a directory of different rules and regulations for each nation state of the EU and EFTA.

Key business resources:

Travelling to the EU for Work – a short explainer document which has been produced to help businesses understand the new rules that are in place for business travel to Europe for work. This explainer document contains more information on entry requirements, luggage, earnings, qualifications, and insurance pertaining to business travel.

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