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EU Exit - Sector Specific Advice

Hauliers and commercial drivers are on the very frontline when it comes to the UK’s new trading relationship with the EU. The below resources give guidance on the documents, licences and permits now needed by hauliers and drivers, and their cross-border responsibilities when moving goods.

Additional sources of information

It’s vital that UK manufacturers know how to place their goods on the EU market, as well as understanding the new regulations around marking, labelling and marketing standards relating to products. See some guidance and resources below.

Liverpool City Region is a major player in the UK’s international shipping network. It’s vital that regional shipping businesses align operations with new EU rules.

Below are a number of resources that give guidance on the rules and tariffs affecting UK shipping operators.

Additional sources of information

If your business is operating in the travel and tourism industry, you need to be aware of rules and regulations which may impact your customers when travelling abroad or to the EU.

Businesses working in hospitality need to be made aware of new food and drink standards, the regulations around importing and/or exporting animal products and what your business needs to do to work with the EU.