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Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous potential for businesses, enhancing productivity and competitiveness. However, adopting AI technology can be challenging. That’s where BridgeAI comes in.

BridgeAI’s mission is to help businesses in high growth potential sectors such as agriculture, construction, creative and transport industries, to harness the power of AI and unlock their full potential.

The programme offers funding and support to help innovators assess and implement trusted AI solutions, connect with AI experts, and elevate their AI leadership skills.

How will BridgeAI support me?

Delivered by Innovate UK and strategic partners, BridgeAI will deliver funding and support by:

  • Connecting businesses in priority sectors with AI experts
    Building an innovation community to help businesses adopt AI through collaboration with developers
  • Developing new trusted AI services and technologies Supporting the development of cutting-edge AI technologies through co-creation between both the supply and demand side of the AI ecosystem
  • Elevating high growth potential sectors Building new capabilities in businesses through training and upskilling in AI, providing access to scientific expertise