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17 Mar 2022 / 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Growth Platform: Supporting Businesses in Liverpool City Region



The aim of this webinar is to give attendees an overview of Growth Platform’s business support landscape, and key services they offer to support at every stage of the business growth journey as well as giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions they may have. From starting to growing, sales to strategy, funding to talent Growth Platform are here to support local businesses realise their potential for growth.

You will hear from key speakers, who will give an overview of key programmes and funding on offer:

  • Emma Lord – Host, Capacity
  • Lisa Ashby-Dowling –Commercial Broker, New Markets 2 ERDF Grant, Growth Platform
  • Andy Cairns – Programme Manager for Health Matters, Innovation Agency
  • Jacob Sanderson – Project Officer, LCR4 START, Growth Platform
  • Danielle Carrington – Project Officer, LCR4 HOLISTIC, Growth Platform

This webinar is run in partnership with Civic Data Coop.