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Business support bolstered with launch of new Peer-to-Peer network

Growth Platform is calling for businesses based in the Liverpool City Region to sign-up for its new Peer Networks programme. Funded by the Government, the peer-to-peer networking programme will be delivered by Growth Platform’s Local Growth Hub team in conjunction with eight delivery partners from the region, all with diverse sector expertise.

The support programme, which is being launched nationwide, is part of the Government’s response to supporting business resilience as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a way of supporting organisations in bolstering productivity and future growth.

The Liverpool City Region network is designed to give local business leaders the advice they need from trusted sources within a peer group and give them the opportunity to collaboratively work through common business issues through interactive action learning.

Each session will provide members of the cohort with feedback and the knowledge and insight they need to implement practical solutions to overcoming current challenges or recognise, and act on new business opportunities.

The programme is open to SMEs that have:

  • Operated for at least a year
  • Five employees or more
  • A turnover of at least £100,000
  • The aspiration to improve and grow their business
  • The ability / potential to scale up or start exporting (ideal attributes)

Janice Mears, Head of Business Growth, Growth Platform, said:

“It’s been a challenging year for businesses in the Liverpool City Region and this will no-doubt continue as a result of the lasting impacts of the pandemic and the looming EU transition deadline. Regional businesses need all the advice and insight they can get to help them stabilise their operations and identify growth opportunities. As a result, gaining advice from a trusted group of fellow business leaders who are all experiencing the same challenges will prove invaluable to participants. We’re urging all eligible SMEs to get signed up and get involved.

“The Peer Networks programme will not only demonstrate the power of solidarity and collective thinking among our local business leaders, it will also provide the City Region with a long-term forum where business challenges can be overcome; new solutions created and implemented; and the economic stability and growth of the City Region given its best fighting chance in the long-term.”

The programme will see the creation of a series of Peer Networks (cohorts) through the Growth Hub network, with each group consisting of 8-11 owners or managers from the SME business community participating in each network.  Led by an experienced facilitator, these Peer Networks will typically meet fortnightly as part of delivering 18 hours of action learning through 2-3-hour sessions.  Individual one-to-one support (coaching, mentoring, or advice) will also be provided either directly by the programme, or from other existing schemes to help to implement and manage change.

Mark Bayley-Smyth, Managing Director, Circle Leadership, said:

“For me the Peer Networks programme will help build connectivity and strength within our local business community – something that is greatly needed at the moment in a time of global uncertainty. As our City Region has demonstrated throughout its rich history, we are always strongest when we come together, and the Peer Networks will give us a platform to share best practice; navigate challenges and re-build confidence among ourselves as local business leaders and in the City Region’s economy.”

Find out more or sign up to take part in the Liverpool City Region Peer Networks programme.