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Skyhook Games secures substantial grant with help from Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region Growth Company

Skyhook Games is an Art Outsourcing Studio providing high quality 2D & 3D art for the video games industry. Formed in 2014 by David Harper and Jonathan Greenwell they specialise in the creation of realistic environments, props and vehicles, as well as providing technical support for other studios.

Originally formed with four members of staff, the studio has now grown to 22 people and taken 2,500 sq. ft of space at Liverpool’s Elevator Studios.

They have traditionally operated Skyhook Games under two strategic pillars, the first being the art outsourcing for video games – many in partnership with leading industry names, the second is creating downloadable content for the games. Skyhook’s next natural step was new product development, and ultimately producing their own PC / console game – their first is called Lawn Mowing Simulator.

This third step was achieved through the help of Growth Platform – guiding them through and helping them secure over £8,000 from the New Markets 2 ERDF support programme, a scheme which allows local businesses to access a grant towards the cost of consultancy or agency fees, to help their businesses grow.

Skyhook used this funding to bring in expert consultants in gameplay programming on a short-term basis. They helped develop a solid programming department – servicing both internal and external projects. Bringing in this expertise has accelerated not only the creation of jobs but also a new sustainable income stream at the company.

Skyhook’s Finance and Operations Director, Graham Chellew, said: “Having received support from Growth Platform in accessing New Markets 2 ERDF funding, we managed to attract some of the best talent from across the region to help kick-start our new chapter of growth within Skyhook Games.

“Diversifying our revenue streams and moving into the fantastic facility at Elevator Studios has given us the space needed to evolve, enable us to take on new members of the team and push forward with starting our own programming department.”

“Going forward, with a successful IP now out on the market we hope to build on its reputation across other platforms and possible sequels as we seek the opportunity to establish a Lawn Mowing Simulator franchise. This is in addition to growth in our content creation pillar along with new client acquisition on the service side of our business to achieve our mission to become “A trusted partner, creating first class digital experiences for our staff, clients, and players”, whilst also striving towards our vision “to be recognised as a leading creator of digital content”.

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