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Case Study – 2minds NLP access funding through New Markets 2 ERDF Programme

As part of a series of case studies highlighting smaller companies across the city region who have successfully applied for New Market 2 grants of under £5k, we begin with 2minds NLP Limited.

Transformational mind coach Alison Blackler has run her Wirral-based company 2minds for over 12 years.

Alison’s business covers 1:1 coaching sessions, business workshops for leaders, managers and teams and she has also written several self-help books. She has worked with large corporates such as BMW and Sainsburys as well as many smaller companies and works in prisons and schools across the UK. Her aim has always been to help people improve their confidence, motivation, energy, success, and overall happiness.

For a number of years, she has envisaged the next step of her business to be a stronger online presence and the pandemic allowed Alison to explore this further. After she had successfully applied for the New Markets 2 grant, she set about making this happen.

Alison explained: “Ultimately, I wanted the business to offer a choice; as an alternative to my books and face to face coaching, the next phase of my business was always going to be an online offering. The pandemic accelerated these plans and receiving the grant through Growth Platform allowed me to put those plans into practice.

“What we developed was an online masterclass programme – over four hours I explain the function of our minds and how to unpack a lot of unhealthy habits and behaviours. This is divided across 12 sessions with 49 exercises and 6 case studies. The idea is that you work through it at your own pace and can revisit any section as many times as you want.

“The grant allowed me to use a videographer and we worked closely together to achieve the right professional look and feel. I am pleased to say that I believe we have created a high quality programme, accessible to all.

“As it was a new element to the business, I was unsure how it would be received, but the feedback and reviews have been wonderful. Several of the businesses who work with me on the leadership workshops have found the programme a useful offer for their employees.”

For more details about Alison’s business please visit

New Markets 2 is a successful support programme which allows local businesses to access a grant towards the cost of consultancy or agency fees. Growth Platform is currently running New Markets 2: Express, which is a fast track service for projects between £3000-£5000, designed to make the process of accessing grant funding quicker and easier.

Eligible businesses can receive a 35% contribution towards the cost of consultancy services. Check eligibility here.