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Clean Growth

Supporting Liverpool City Region businesses on their journey to Net Zero.

Growth Platform has big aspirations when it comes to making Liverpool City Region greener and more sustainable. We are here to help businesses with advice on areas such as how to secure investment from local energy schemes, how to access impartial advice as well as expert guidance on programmes and funding.

We also understand the challenges regarding both the scope and language of climate and carbon reduction and also the potential finance implications inherent in transitioning to a low carbon economy. You can find our own net zero business support content hub, to provide you with the latest news, events and support surrounding this important topic below.

Net Zero Hub

Net zero is a key focus for UK Government and businesses of all sizes have a key role to play in contributing in cutting carbon emissions and protecting the planet.

Growth Platform are committed to supporting businesses within Liverpool City Region to adapt business processes and ways of working to protect the future of our planet and bring around opportunities to grow, in a greener and more efficient way.

This hub has been created to host updated information for businesses including:

  • Contacts with the knowledge to provide advice and guidance around net zero.
  • Relevant programmes with a net zero focus or with elements that can be used to help you on your journey to net zero.
  • Signposts to funding and specialist support available at both local and national levels.
  • Events, news articles and case studies

Net Zero FAQs

Net Zero is linked closely to climate change and defines the point at which we can stop the effects of global warming. Net Zero is a global ambition and is achieved by balancing the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by an increased removal of said gases. It is however difficult to remove all emissions produced, therefore there is a need to increase removals to create a “net” effect, whereby the emissions produced and the removals balance out – for example, planting more trees at scale to consume more of the CO2 produced.

Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions, from buildings, to your supply chain. Therefore, businesses of all sizes have a key role to play in looking after our planet. Also many larger organisations are focusing on their suppliers to align to their sustainability goals so the movement towards net zero is important for businesses to consider.

Every business is different, and therefore impacts on the environment vary in relation to a companies activities and way of working. There are lots of small steps you can take to become greener. You can find general and some sector specific ideas here to get you started on the SME Business Climate Hub.

If you would like to speak to somebody at Growth Platform, to guide you on your first or next step to become greener then please get in touch with us. You can also read more information in the Net Zero business support section of this hub.

A barrier can exist in understanding the language relating to Net Zero and access to resource and funding in order for businesses to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon literacy is an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities. Demonstrating the commitment of your business to reduce its environmental impact is becoming increasingly important to customers, clients and other stakeholders.

Read Digesting Net Zero: supporting businesses in understanding the terminology to find out more about the terms used when talking about Net Zero.

For nearly three decades the UN has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits – called COPs – which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’.

The UK hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October – 13 November 2021.

The COP26 summit brought parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Learn more about how the negotiations at COP26 went and the outcomes achieved.

UK Government SME Business Hub


The UK Business Climate Hub is a collaboration between the UK Government, businesses and business groups across the UK. The Hub is the UK partner of the SME Climate Hub, the global initiative which empowers small and medium-sized enterprises to take climate action.

Join thousands of businesses committed to taking climate action with the SME Climate Hub.

Visit the UK Business Climate Hub

Net Zero Business Support

The below programmes have been specifically designed to support your business on the journey to net zero or have elements which could support you.

Click on the links below for more details or get in touch to find out more.

Sector Events

May 29

LCR Finance Hub – Meet the Advisor

Jun 20

LCR Talking Business


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