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The Good Small Business Programme

Championing Good Business practices in  Liverpool City Region’s SME business communities

A partnership project between The Good Business Festival and Growth Platform to establish a programme for SMEs in Liverpool City Region to help them better understand what it takes to be a ‘Good Business’ and to adapt to these principles in their own business and in doing so contribute to the economic objective of inclusive growth through Building Back Better.


Harnessing the power of the Liverpool City Region’s growth sectors to help to revive and rebalance the city region


Creating a business environment where SMEs can grow and thrive to support regional communities and create good jobs

Programme Overview


Promote the concept of Good Business to business and oversee the development of a minimum viable proposition with businesses to fully test and evolve the programme to meet SME requirements


Review the various models and business standards for good business and develop a preferred model for Liverpool City Region’s SME businesses


Recruit a small number of businesses to trial the good business proposition and feed back candidly on the experience and usefulness and how to improve it

Knowledge Base

Develop a suite of materials, guidance notes, case studies etc for business to help apply these good small business standards

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