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Business Recovery Grant

All Recovery Grant funds have now been allocated and the funds is closed for applications. All business submitting an application form will be notified of the result before 15 January 2021.

We know that lots of businesses need help right now and that this funding can only help a small number. Please be assured that we continue to feedback to Government the level of demand and to lobby for more support on your behalf.

Your Local Growth Hub should be able to advise on alternative support options.

The Recovery Grant has been created, specifically to help Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Liverpool City Region to adapt and diversify following the impact of COVID-19. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), eligible SMEs can access grants of between £1K – £3K.

The grant is open to all Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, and Wirral, who have been trading since before 1st March 2020 and have been impacted by Covid 19.

You are an SME if you have less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than £45.1m or a balance sheet of less than £38.8m.

There are some exceptions to this, if you are part of a larger group for example but this will be assessed as part of your application.

You can apply for a grant of between £1,000 and £3,000.

The grant aims to help your business adapt or recover from the impact of Covid 19.
You can use the grant to pay for;

  • Specialist 1-2-1 advice. Such as accountancy, financial, legal, health and safety, ICT support etc

Examples of eligible expenditure on specialist 1-2-1 services include:

  • Review of the business strategy
  • Strategic review of business models
  • HR, financial and legal advice
  • Coaching and mentoring in leadership and management development / Change management
  • Innovation strategy to adapt and diversify products/services
  • The introduction of new technology
  • Developing or revising marketing/digital strategies to reach new markets
  • Mitigating the impact of social distancing measures
  • Rebuilding a viable business model
  • Developing product offerings
  • Legal and environmental health compliance
  • Skills analysis and development plans
  • Workforce management
  • Employee engagement, welfare and wellbeing

Please note these are examples only and not an exhaustive list.

  • Purchase of minor equipment to adapt or adopt new technology to support your business to deliver or diversify. (For example, a tourism business may need to purchase a second cash register to enable adequate social distancing in its gift shop.)

You will need to submit three separate written quotes from three suitable suppliers with your application. These quotes, if dated, must be dated after 8th September 2020. If you are not choosing the supplier with the cheapest quote you will need to demonstrate how the chosen quote offers the best value for money.

Each application must only relate to one service or purchase from one supplier. This may include several linked items to be purchased from the same supplier e.g SEO and social media support.

Businesses will be able to register their interest in the grant via a link on this page.

This link will remain live until 5pm on Thursday 26th November 2020 so there is no immediate rush for businesses to be on the website at 11am.

The Expression of Interest will ask;

  • Business Name
  • Local Authority Area
    o Halton
    o Knowsley
    o Liverpool
    o Sefton
    o St Helens
    o Wirral
  • Principal Activity of Business
    o Business & Professional
    o Construction
    o Digital, Creative & Technology,
    o Health & Life Sciences
    o Low Carbon
    o Manufacturing
    o Tourism
    o Other
  • What do you need the grant for?
    o Specialist Advice,
    o Adaptation of new technologies / online systems
    o Purchase of new equipment
    o Other
  • Approximately how much is your grant request for?

From the Expressions of Interests submitted a list of businesses will then be electronically randomised. From this randomised ordered list, we will offer approximately 50 businesses from the visitor/ hospitality sector and approximately 65 businesses from the wider economy the opportunity to complete and submit an application form for consideration. The exact numbers will be dependent on the value of the Expression of Interest submissions and the remaining funding pot.

Please ensure you enter the correct sector for your business as this will dictate if you enter the ballot for the Visitor/ Hospitality or wider economy.

Please only submit one Expression of Interest per company as duplicates will be removed before the ballot takes place.

Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee that your application will be successful. The application will still need to meet the criteria for the grant. Therefore, if applications are subsequently declined or should we not allocate all the funding, we will invite the next business on the randomised list to complete and submit an application form for consideration. This process will continue until all funds have been allocated.

The application form is completed online. You will need to obtain three written quotes from three suitable suppliers for your project and submit those with your application form.

If successful, you will receive a Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) by email via Signable. This will provide you with the value of the grant awarded, along with details of how you can claim the grant and the Terms and Conditions.

The GFA will need to be returned electronically to Growth Platform along with a Service Level Agreement signed by both you and your supplier (an example SLA can be found here).

When you are fully satisfied with the completed work or have received the equipment and have made your final payment to your supplier, you will need to submit claim evidence via email to Growth Platform, these will need to be certified as true copies, details of how to do this will be in the GFA. This will be in the form of

  • a copy of the invoice from your supplier,
  • copy of your business bank statement(s) showing payment to your supplier leaving your bank account
  • an invoice to Growth Platform for the grant amount

A written quote can be, for example, an emailed price from a supplier, pdf of direct tailored quote or a screenshot of a price or items added into the basket from a supplier website. If using a screenshot, you must ensure we can see the website address/ supplier details.

We require 3 written quotes from separate suppliers to ensure that the grants we are awarding offer the best value for money for the service/item you are purchasing.

The 3 quotes need to be for the same items and must be comparable.

For example,

  • if you wish to apply for funding for some coaching – we need 3 quotes from 3 separate suppliers for coaching. If you submit 2 coaching quotes and one for lead generation your application will be unsuccessful.
  • if you require a laptop, a ipad and a printer, you must submit 3 quotes for the same, or similar, laptops, ipads and printers from 3 separate suppliers – not 3 separate quotes for the laptop, ipad and printer as this would be unsuccessful.

We are expecting there to be a high volume of applications for this grant and we will aim to respond to all applicants within 4 weeks.

We expect to be many times oversubscribed for these limited funds so there will be many good applications that are unsuccessful. If yours is unsuccessful we will ask one of our Local Growth Hub Partners to get in touch to discuss alternative options and support opportunities.

When you are fully satisfied with the completed work or have received the equipment and have made your final payment to your supplier, you will need to submit claim evidence via email to Growth Platform. This will be in the form of

  • a copy of the invoice from your supplier,
  • copy of your business bank statement(s) showing payment to your supplier leaving your bank account
  • an invoice to Growth Platform for the grant amount

We will ensure we pay you within 7 days of receiving your grant claim.

We cannot pay you the grant until you have had the work completed to your satisfaction and paid your supplier.

You will be wholly responsible for ensuring the work you commission is carried out to specification and is of a satisfactory standard. The agreement will be between you and your supplier. Growth Platform cannot be held responsible for any issues or the quality of the work.

You can apply more than once if your application has been unsuccessful, but you can only receive one grant. If you have received a grant already you cannot reapply for further funds. Once you have received a grant, one of our Local Growth Hub partners will get in touch to discuss other support available to benefit your business.

You will be able to claim the VAT if your business is not VAT registered. Therefore, the maximum you will be able to claim is £3,600 consisting of £3,000 plus 20% VAT of £600.

Please note you will not be eligible to claim the VAT back from HMRC in the future if it has been paid by the Recovery Grant.

If your business is registered for VAT you will not be able to claim the VAT element though the Recovery Grant.

Checks will be made to ensure the VAT status of applicant businesses; incorrect information may lead to your application being declined.

Yes. Your supplier can be based anywhere. However, we actively encourage businesses to take advantage of the wealth of outstanding suppliers within the City Region. Local suppliers are often more cost effective and accessible too. The Local Growth Hub has a community of experts based across the City Region that can be used to source quotes.

Please note Growth Platform do not endorse any of these suppliers nor do we have preferred suppliers.

Yes. At the bottom there is the option to save and continue later.

You will be given a link to revisit or can ask for this link to be sent to you by email.

Yes. When you have submitted / signed your application a confirmation email and copy of your application will be sent to you.

Yes. When you have submitted / signed your application a confirmation email and copy of your application will be sent to you.

You can pay your supplier in full or by instalments. However, no payments should be made until you have received your Grant Funding Agreement and your Service Level Agreement has been signed by both parties.

If you make payments to your supplier in instalments, evidence of each payment leaving your business bank account will need to be provided.

Evidence of payment is required. The payments need to be made from your business account which has the same name as the business applying for the grant.

The fund is for projects that will complete brfore 28th February 2021. This is the absolute deadline, projects that extend beyond this date will not be eligible for funds. If a project has been issued a Grant Funding Agreement and the work over runs past this date then the grant cannot be paid.

You need to have paid your supplier and sent your claim to Growth Platform by 10th March 2021, claims submitted after this date cannot be paid.

The grant must cover 100% of the service your business is procuring (up to a maximum total project value of £3,000). This grant cannot be used to part-fund expenditure.

If your project is more than £3,ooo you may be eligible for a New Markets Grant which offers 35% contribution towards the cost of commercial advice. Please contact Growth Platform to discuss this alternative or click here for further details.

If you wish to change suppliers you will need to reapply as your application was accepted based on the information you submitted at the time of application, Should anything change than we will need to re assess our decision based on the new information.

Please note we cannot guarantee that you will be able to submit a new application due to the limited number of applications we can accept.