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Liverpool City Region Games Hub

The Liverpool City Region’s video games heritage dates back to the 1980s as the home of trailblazing British games developer Psygnosis, which was acquired by Sony in 1993.

Liverpool business are responsible for some of the best-known titles in the world including; WipEout, Project Gotham Racing, Formula One, the Playroom and many others.  The expertise and pedigree of Liverpool businesses in a global context is highly regarded and sought after.

The games industry, predicted to be worth $321 billion globally by 2026 according to PWC, has already proven to be a valuable source of foreign direct investment into Liverpool. In 2020, Sweden’s Avalanche Studios – creators of the wildly popular Just Cause franchise which has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide – chose the city as the location for its second international studio after New York. In June 2022 global games services provider, Universally Speaking, expanded its UK footprint to open a specialist studio in Liverpool, offering localisaton and testing to complement its Bedfordshire base.

Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR and VR) will be a $1.5 trillion industry by 2030 (PwC). These technologies, first developed in the games industry, are starting to come into their own across all sectors.  Liverpool has some excellent examples of the application of these technologies in its leisure (including film), health, automotive and engineering sectors.

Here you can find information on success stories in the city region, useful community groups and events, the city regions gaming legacy, skills initiatives as well as information about the LCR Games Board.

Events and communities

Games Talks Live Logo

Games Talks Live in Liverpool

Short talks and networking for the Northern games industry.

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Europe’s Biggest Games Industry Community Nightlife Festival, comes to Liverpool in 2024

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Liverpool Game Dev Network logo

Liverpool Game-Dev Network

Provides local game developers with a space to interact and develop relationships with other like-minded individuals

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Game Audio Liverpool Logo

Game Audio Liverpool

Monthly networking events for people interested in game audio

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LCR Play logo

LCR Play

Digital connectivity network for the Interactive Entertainment & Gaming Industry

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Liverpool’s games heritage

Psygnosis brochure produced for E3 1997. Image courtesy of Damon Fairclough

Psygnosis: how did a Liverpool company transform the gaming world?

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National Museums Liverpool logo

Liverpool’s Gaming Legacy, a Museum of Liverpool film

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Museum of Liverpool Wonderous Place gaming exhibition

Liverpool gaming display at the Museum of Liverpool

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Developing the games sector in Liverpool

The LCR Games Board is made up of Studios and stakeholders working together to:

  • Celebrate and champion Liverpool City Region as a key UK games hub
  • Create impactful links between industry and education
  • Activate our community to work together, learn from each other and accelerate growth
  • Alison Lacy, Avalanche Studios Group
  • Ric Miskimmon, Criterion (EA)
  • Phil Owen, D3t & Coconut Lizard (Keywords)
  • Margaret Bourke, Dept for Business & Trade
  • Clemens Wangarin, Digital Advsiors
  • Joanne Toomey, Draw & Code
  • Matt Southern, Firesprite
  • Brian Woodhouse, Lucid
  • Jon Holmes, Milky Tea
  • Jamie Brayshaw, Ripstone
  • Matt Wilson, Sony
  • Pete Smith, Tencent
  • Helen Johnson, Ukie
  • Thomas Owens, University of Liverpool
  • Helen Cross (secretariat), Growth Platform
  • Cathy Skelly (observer), Liverpool City Council

If you’d like to find out more about Liverpool City Region’s gaming heritage contact