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Formulated Materials for Infectious Disease Prevention

iiCON’s support programme provides Liverpool City Region SMEs with advanced R&D capabilities

iiCON is offering a fully funded support programme for Liverpool City Region-based small and medium sized businesses who are either concerned about the hygienic integrity of their workplace, or are developing technologies to improve standards around infection control.

Bacteria are a significant challenge in a diverse array of SMEs including general manufacturing, care homes, advanced engineering, food production, salons, gyms and veterinary surgeries. It’s an issue anywhere, in fact, with high-contact surfaces (imagine a climbing centre) or high-traffic spaces (a factory floor).

iiCON is also making help available to Liverpool City Region-based organisations looking to produce new products in infection control and diagnostics, areas where iiCON has industry leading experts and facilities. Our region has more than its share of brilliant minds and great ideas and our team can support problem solving and unblocking product development issues related to advances in infection control.

The benefits of working with iiCON

The access that this programme can provide to some of Liverpool’s world-class laboratories puts tech and skills normally out of reach of SMEs right at their fingertips. This is also a great way for businesses struggling to secure lab time, in what is currently a very competitive environment, with a minimum of 12 hours free access available.

The programme offers a range of benefits for SMEs including:

  • Working with specialists in infectious diseases
  • Advancing new infection control innovations
  • Better understanding how bacteria affects your business
  • Assessing the hygienic integrity of products, processes, workspaces, and equipment
  • Opening doors to academic, NHS and industry collaborations
  • Receiving data-driven evidence of product efficacy
  • Accessing world-leading technologies, skills, and expertise
  • Overcoming product development roadblocks
  • Getting valuable data to support funding applications

We’ve already helped dozens of SMEs in the Liverpool City Region. In the below videos, two businesses explain how they benefited from a collaboration with iiCON:

SME Support Case Study – SafeClimb from iiCON on Vimeo.

SME support case study – Nano Biosols from iiCON on Vimeo.

Find out more

The service is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is open for applications until June 2023. Any Liverpool City Region SME wishing to find out more, should register now by clicking here.

To arrange a meeting to discuss iiCON’s SME support in more depth email Louise Dolan, Business Development Manager at iiCON, on